Asia Pacific Women’s Information Network Center

Based at Sookmyung Women’s University in Seoul, APWINC was founded in 1996 to encourage gender equality in ICT. APWINC held the UNESCO Chair in communication technology for women in the Asia-Pacific region. Focus areas are international cooperation, research and development, and human capacity development, which includes training. APWINC runs ICT training that focuses on dissemination (basic computer skills), specialization (developing expertise in ICT skills), and globalization (international and regional networking). APWINC conducts research and field surveys, holds training events, and hosts conferences and seminars on gender and ICT.  Its research focuses on women in ICT, such as  a project on Facilitating Economic Activities of APEC Women through IT Capacity Building that was supported by the Ministry of Gender Equality. Research and papers are presented at numerous international events. APWINC has also supported specific events for female entrepreneurs, including the “International Workshop on Entrepreneurship and e-Business Development for Women” held in 2006.