Red de Apoyo a Mujeres Municipalistas A.C. (REAMM)

(Network of Support for Women Municipal Leaders). REAMM was created in 2009, after a meeting where municipal women requested support to increase their skills in order to compete with men for elected positions. An outcome of the meeting was the need to empower women through local networks using training and other means. The civil association works to increase the number of women in elected and leadership positions by working with political parties and government institutions, and by building skills in women themselves. REAMM focuses on increasing women’s presence in elected positions, such as municipal presidents, síndicas, councilors, local deputies, and federal and senators. Mexico’s federal election code states that 2 percent of federal political party funding should be used for women’s leadership training. One of REAMM’s recent campaigns, “two percent and More Women in Politics,” has worked to improve compliance of this clause. Furthermore, REAMM delivered training in partnership with municipal women’s institutes and worked with political party leaders to map out how best to use the 2 percent funding.