Spark:Her initiative by FYSE

This initiative by the Foundation for Youth Social Entrepreneurship (FYSE) aims to create a new paradigm for women as social entrepreneurs by supporting sustainable, scalable, and innovative solutions to the world’s toughest problems and by positively impacting the number, performance, scale and impact of women-owned enterprises. Spark:Her has devised programs which inspire, educate, empower and accelerate high-potential women social entrepreneurs. Spark:Her’s recurring programs include an annual Women in Social Enterprise Conference, a startup academy for women to explore and develop business ideas that address social and environmental problems (sponsored by Accenture), and a mentorship-driven incubator to provide early stage women entrepreneurs with tools, knowledge, and networks. One of their activities is a grant competition sponsored by the Kering Foundation to finance projects that benefit women, especially women victims of violence or women at risk. There is a financial grant of 15,000 EUR (approximately $US17,000) and access to mentorship and guidance. Spark:Her has a registered office in Hong Kong, China, but holds Startup Academies in China.